Everyone should understand their own health.


Acetrack® is a handheld device with which the user can monitor its own metabolic health status. By measuring the concentration of acetone in exhaled breath and compare it with a measured base line, it is possible to determine whether a person is found to be in ketosis or not. Ketosis is a metabolic state where fat, instead of glucose, is decomposed in the liver. This is of particular interest for elite athletes and individuals on a low-carb diet, but also for anyone that wishes to understand their own metabolism better.

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How we work

Diverse product portfolio: We develop and commercialize mobile electronic devices to monitor biomarkers for individual health and chronic diseases. Contrary to many other start-ups, we are a multi product firm from the outset and every product will contribute with its own revenue stream.

B2B relations and market access: By building relationships with clients and through product license agreements, we gain access to relevant markets. This reduces costs in time and investment, and accelerates firm growth for both parties.

Agile and lean: We develop products using carefully selected technology partners balancing agility and cost-control hand-in-hand with high usability and cool design.

Strong demand in mHealth: mHealth is an emerging market which attracts both new entries and venture capital thereby creating opportunities for profits. Benchmarking versus relevant competitors with similar, but inferior, products show that these companies have steady sales at high volumes.

Scalable: The products can be used by mHealth users monitoring various indications of well-being in any geographical market. We start in the Nordic countries and in the US and aim for other international markets.

Intellectual property: We believe in, and encourage, an open scientific community and a collaborative technology scene. Deversify’s main assets are the products and the data they produce which are protected by patents and maintained ownership of core technologies.

The business model

Deversify detects ideas and innovations in the mHealth domain which are analysed and evaluated with respect to the technical and commercial feasibility. Prototypes of a device, app and service are developed which is then offered B2C toward carefully selected markets and target audiences, or, through licence agreements, to relevant market actors B2B who distributes the product to healthcare providers and individual health consumers.

For example, Deversify develop Product X which Client 1 includes in their product portfolio. A license agreement of future revenue streams is signed including exclusivity to Market A. Deversify will have the right to further license the product to Client 2 entering Market B which will not be a competitive market to Client 1. Client revenue streams are visualized with black arrows whereas Deversify’s revenue streams are symbolized with grey arrows.

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Our products

A health care trend in Sweden is the change of attitude among care givers, both public and private, towards monitoring of chronic diseases by primary care. To rationalize the patient visits and optimize scarce treatment resources, clinical professional actively promote the use of various sensor technologies in patient’s homes. The patient becomes a consumer of health monitoring. Medical indications where mHealth solutions already are implemented include, for example, high blood pressure and blood sugar. In the future, medical fields such as cardiology, epilepsy, obesity and smoke cessation will also benefit from mHealth innovations.

Deversify did market introduction of the first product Acetrack®, a ketosis breathalyzer, in Sweden in the end of 2018. Since then Acetrack has expanded into the UK and Finland and will be addressing more European markets during 2021. The second product, a smoke breathalyzer, is being developed with the intention of market introduction in 2021. For Deversify’s third product, an ECG patch, a working prototype will be developed during 2021.

Acetrack is a registered trademark and receives brand protection
through the Amazon Exclusives program.

The team

We have a highly academic profile, in the management team and in the board, with long experience within med-tech and business administration academia world-wide. Deversify’s current owners are all experienced investors in Swedish tech startups.

A key feature of Deversify is the aim of building deepened relationship with key stakeholders affiliated to the firm. The relationship extends beyond traditional supplier-customer relationship since the suppliers of products and services to Deversify are encouraged to actively take initiatives in various development processes. Hence, becoming an active part of the development of Deversify and the success of its products. Partnerships include all walks of business life, such as hardware and software engineering, medical expertise, legal and patent counselling, digital communication and finance.