About us

Deversify's team is diverse and multi-disciplinary. It is in our name.

How we work

The pandemic years have meant several lessons learnt regarding organisational processes and team building. By acknowledging the opportunity to work remotely, we reach the world in the search for new employees and special competences. We simultaneously acknowledge the importance of physical meetings. About every sixth week, we conduct onsite office hours, in Uppsala or Söderhamn, where we all meet, greet and have talks about topics relating to our jobs but also about anything else.

Deversify’s work has received recognition over the years. For this, we are sincerely grateful. These are some of our achievements.

In 2018, Deversify won the Bona Postulate Prize, a local business prize in Uppsala County, Sweden, for companies with strong growth potential.

In 2019, we became winner of the Best Startup within Health & Wellbeing at the Matcher Conference in Bologna, Italy. The same year, 2019, we were also selected, among 1200 screened companies, as one of only ten participants at the Katapult Accelerator in Oslo, Norway. Katapult invests in and accelerate tech startups with a positive impact on the world by providing training, technical expertise, financing, and also by giving access to their extensive global network. This programme included three months, on site in Oslo, of education and preparation for firm development and growth.

In 2020, we were selected for the Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC) Business Accelerator Programme. UIC is one of the world’s leading business incubators according to UBI Global. They support innovative startups and growth companies through one-to-one tailor-made business development programs. UIC provide networks, access to financing, and necessary knowledge required for shortened time-to-market.

In 2021, Deversify had the pleasure to be selected for the Swedish-French Accelerator Programme organised by EIT Health. The EU sponsored EIT Health Programme is a one-year program which offers a combination of mentoring, and onsite and online training sessions, to validate Deversify’s solutions and fit to the French market.


Together with colleagues and collaborators, we have been internationally recognized with the following awards and nominations.

“We founded Deversify to build new types of devices and sensors that measure biomarkers helping people to manage and prevent lifestyle diseases. Our R&D team is uniquely positioned to apply physics using sensors, smartphones, cloud services and AI to improve public health globally.”


Anders Murman
Co-founder & CEO

Our journey

  • 2021

    Agreement with RLVNT for Acetrack distribution in EU
    Elitista education platform is acquired
    Selected for the EIT Health Accelerator Programme in France

  • 2020

    Selected for the Uppsala Innovation Centre Business Accelerator Programme
    Expansion in Scandinavia and UK

  • 2019

    Selected for the Katapult Accelerator
    Winner of “Best Startup within Health & Wellbeing” in Bologna

  • 2018

    Winner of the Bona Postulata Award
    Acetrack sold via the Amazon Global Seller Account

  • 2017

    First fully functional prototypes of Acetrack built

  • 2016

    Deversify AB was founded

Our team

Deversify is located at two sites in Sweden. We have the main office at SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) campus to tap into the academic atmosphere of business and research opportunities. We also have our hardware center located in Söderhamn covering assembly and fulfillment.


Åsa Lang
CSO, Co-founder, Board member

Anders Murman
CEO, Co-founder

Alexander Benitez
Founding investor, BD

Fredrik Fernlund
Senior Digital Strategist

Mimmi Lang Jinnefalk
Fulfilment Manager

Molly Lang Jinnefalk
Office Manager

Sara Lindgren

Ewa Meurk
Business Development, Elitista

Emil Murman
System developer

Alexander Nordström
Project Manager

Ida Petersson
System Developer

Jessica Roxhed

Marcus Rådell
Head of software engineering

Lena Söderström
Chairman, Business Advisor

Our board

Lena Söderström
Chairman, Business Advisor

Åsa Lang
CSO, Co-founder, Board member

Johan Willdeck
Board member


Per Söderström
Health Tech Evangelist and Business Advisor

Christina Öberg
Prof. Business Administration, Advisor


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