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The market related to precision wellness and health and personalised nutrition is likely to increase extensively the coming years. Even if the increasing metabolic unhealth is unfortunate, it also offers opportunities to invest in projects addressing the global health and wellbeing.

The inertia of public health care providers to provide precision medicine, i.e. individualised diagnosing and treatment, among practitioners to capture idiosyncratic symptoms, means there will be a pull factor from the consumer market for more home monitoring. We are responding to this demand. The same demand also puts competitive pressure on health care providers to work more preventable and more individualised.

There is a segment of consumers, possessing a strong purchasing power, who already are aware of the benefits of certain diets and spend considerable resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Deversify develop and commercialise mobile electronic devices and apps to monitor biomarkers for individualised health, specialising in breathalysers and personalised nutrition.

This is how we do it

Diverse product portfolio

Contrary to many other firms, we are a multi-product firm from the outset and every product contribute with its own revenue stream.

B2B relations and market access

By building long term relationships, in joint ventures and through collaboration agreements with partners, we gain access to relevant markets. This reduces costs in time and investment and accelerates firm growth for both parties.

Agile and lean

We develop products using carefully selected technology partners balancing agility and cost-control together with high usability and Swedish design.

Demand in consumer health

Consumer health is a fast and growing emerging market which attracts both new entries and venture capital thereby creating opportunities for profits. Our competitive advantage is the combination of hardware, software, and education.


All Deversify’s products can be used by any consumer in any geographical market. Our products can be purchased in the Nordic countries as well as in several European countries.

Intellectual property

We believe in, and encourage, an open scientific community and a collaborative technology scene. Deversify’s assets are the products and the data they produce which are protected by maintained ownership of core technologies.

A short introduction

Let Anders Murman, CEO and Co-Founder of Deversify, introduce you to how we work and Deversify’s purpose and goals.

Title Everyone should understand their own health
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