Research & Development

Our research

All Deversify’s products generate consumer health data and our goal is to be the leading provider of consumer health products for improved fact-based wellbeing globally.

Measuring is an important start, but precision health is an even more powerful concept when paired with educational tools. To empower consumers in understanding their own health even better, we provide apps that inspire and enable daily monitoring of biomarkers and food purchase/dietary intake, to detect meta trends regarding changes in individual health and wellbeing.

Deversify will collect, analyse, and perform research on data generated from our products. New knowledge will be re-communicated both to the consumers for increased product value as well as to the academia research community.

Ongoing development projects

Deversify innovate, develop, and commercialise mobile electronic breathalyzers for the consumers market as well as for businesses and health care providers.

We have created a general breath analysis platform – both hardware and software – because we believe regular, repeatable, accurate measurements are key to understanding each individual’s nutritional needs and metabolism.

We also believe in education. Therefore, we – beyond the hardware and the general breath analysis platform – invest in and acquire knowledge platforms and education programmes centred around personalised nutrition and wellbeing.

To further support the process of understanding individual health and lifestyle changes, we develop and provide tailor-made education of how to reverse metabolic unhealth to becoming metabolic health. This includes lectures, seminars, and one-to-one coaching through world-class education.

Our vision is that everyone should understand their own health.


The metabolic unhealth that can be related to the gut is growing rapidly. Many people suffer from symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and lactose intolerance. This can be due to Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and is detectable in exhaled breath.

Abdomatic is a breathalyzer for diagnosing and monitoring of SIBO in exhaled breath. It is an innovation emanating from a clinical need from health care providers to respond to an increasing demand among patients/consumers to address metabolic unhealth relating to the gut. There is a growing need to apply precision health among practitioners to capture idiosyncratic symptoms.

Abdomatic will also be provided directly to the consumer market to empower individuals to monitor their metabolic health.

Deversify's smart m-health solutions enter the German market

News 2022.04.14

We are delighted to feature on the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce's website this morning. Thank you for thinking of us, German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce – it has been a joy working with your excellent team.

The Best Ketone Meter 2022

News 2022.01.13

Our breathalyser Acetrack has been ranked as the best ketone meter by FitnessFrank and received this beautiful feedback: “Acetrack Ketone Meter - a fantastic, affordable ketone meter of high quality! The ketone meter from Acetrack was an evident product to put in the winning category for us because it, in a seamless and hygienic way, measures ketone values [...] at the same time as you can put diary notes directly into the app. In addition to this, the product is made in Sweden and of a high technical standard“ Johan Karlsson, FitnessFrank

Successful share issue

News 2022.02.09

We are pleased to announce that Deversify has successfully completed a share issue of SEK 12 million (USD 1.3 million). Powered by the vision that 'Everyone should understand their own health', Deversify offer consumers technical solutions centred around precision health and wellbeing.

Deversify acquires Elitista

News 2021.11.18

We are delighted to share the news that Deversify has acquired Elitista, one of Sweden's leading education companies in the field of personalised nutrition. Ewa Meurk, Founder of Elitista — we are excited and honoured to count you to the Deversify team.